ITx 2021 Innovation Days

Come and present at the broadest innovation-focused events of 2021

Call for Presentations


Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Nelson and Dunedin

This year's ITx conference is going on the road, with premium ITx Innovation Day events in all of ITP's 8 nationwide branches.

Featuring full-day Innovation Day conferences in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, we're also taking the Innovation Day concept to the regions with half-day Innovation Days in Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Nelson and Dunedin.

As well as top-level invited keynotes, the conferences will feature the best of local and national speakers throughout, on a range of topics. We're now inviting you to submit your presentation concept - we'd love to have you talk at your local ITx Innovation Day!

ITx is where New Zealand's digital technology sector comes together. Delegates will have the opportunity to attend multiple talks, keynotes, panels and more.

About the 2021 ITx Innovation Days

As with all ITx conferences, the 2021 Innovation Days will bring together leading thinkers from the profession, the top tech companies (local and national), the user community, academia, plus research and government institutions to explore innovating our way to the future. This is a must attend event for those wanting to engage a broad range of people.

Call for Presentations

The programme committee is now seeking papers and presentations from both industry and academia with high-calibre, attention-grabbing content.  The conference is celebrating 60 years of tech innovation by exploring topics focused on current and future practice.

We invite individuals and organisations to submit papers and presentations on loosely theme-related practice and research, from tech practitioners, researchers and decision makers from industry, government/public sector and academia. Note that we are not seeking formal peer-reviewed academic papers - we encourage those seeking academic publication to submit through the concurrent CITRENZ conference. However we welcome general papers from academics of course.

The papers/presentations are being organised around the following major themes.  Each submission should loosely correspond to one of the following tracks:

  1. Current and future tech trends
  2. Innovation and Research
  3. Professional Growth
  4. The Business of Tech
  5. General interest (i.e. everything else of interest to tech professionals)

We are seeking practitioner and general submissions, from professional industry and public sector software and IT practitioners, and academics wishing to present without submitting a formal paper. An abstract (approx 200-250 words) can be submitted now, along with a speaker profile. Accepted presentations will be edited by a professional copywriter before publication.

You can submit as many paper/presentation ideas as you wish. 

Selection Criteria

The program committee will favour presentations that:

You do not need to be an ITP member to submit a paper/presentation.


The following timeline will apply for the ITx Innovation Days:

 We recommend submitting your presentation idea(s) early.

ITx Innovation Days

The ITx Innovation Days will run on these dates:

13 July Palmerston North 1-5:30pm
14 July Nelson 1-5:30pm
16 July Wellington 9am-5:30pm*
20 July Tauranga 1-5:30pm
21 July Hamilton 1-5:30pm
23 July Auckland 9am-5:30pm
27 July Dunedin 1-5:30pm
29 July Christchurch 9am-5:30pm

All ITx Innovation Days includes drinks and refreshments from 5:30pm.

* The 2021 New Zealand Excellence in IT Awards will follow the Wellington Innovation Day on 16 July 2021.

Submit a Presentation idea

The ITx Innovation Days are using the EasyChair system for paper submission - it's quick and easy to submit your presentation idea.

Submit your idea via this link (Choose ITx Innovation Days)