ITx 2018 Conference Programme

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Unconference with TechCommNZ

Friday 3:20pm - 4:30pm, TechCommNZ Technical Communicators Day (Room 2 (Assurity))

Gather with Tony Self, Shelly Davies, and Doug Kim - decide what you want to talk about, exchange ideas, and just freewheel TechCommNZ style.


Tony Self


Tony Self has worked as a technical communicator for almost 30 years, specialising in online help systems, computer-based training, and mark-up languages. In 1993 Tony founded HyperWrite, a consultancy company specialising in hypertext. Tony is a Fellow of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communication, and holds a PhD in semantic mark-up languages, a Graduate Diploma in Technical Communication, and a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. He is the author of “The DITA Style Guide”, and is based in Melbourne.

Shelly Davies

Rockstar Writer-Trainer

Shelly does words. Words for scientists, engineers, tech-geeks, and even numpties like the rest of us. If you need to use words to transmit information and you want to do it quickly and effectively, she's your girl. She also has a rockin' brand, weird photos, and 2 generations of offspring, WTF.

Doug Kim

Snr Content Editor, Microsoft (USA)

Doug Kim is a content strategy guru at Microsoft Redmond. He spent his formative years in journalism, where he eventually became Arts and Entertainment editor of The Seattle Times.

He’s been at Microsoft for eight years, where, amongst other things, he’s led efforts to revamp the voice and tone of content and UI text in the Microsoft Office suite and improve video and multimedia content.

More recently, he drove the content strategy for the Microsoft Bing-based content form known as Instant Answers for Microsoft Windows 10.

While continuing to nurture Instant Answers, he leads a team focused on accessibility, inclusive design and Microsoft’s experimental Virtual Support Agent.

Abhay Chokshi

Technical Communicator, Fraedom

Abhay has worked as a technical communicator in various capacities for more than 10 years. He is passionate about all things tech-comm.

As a speaker and facilitator, Abhay has conducted sessions in multiple technical communication conferences in India and NZ. Currently, he works at Fraedom Limited and contributes heavily towards UX writing (amongst other things).

He is also the branch coordinator for TechCommNZ's Auckland branch.