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Mapping the System: Innovation, Technology, Education

Thursday 11:20am - 11:50am, CITRENZ Conference (Upstairs 1 (Signal))

There is growing interest in the application of frameworks such as SFIA for describing and managing competencies for ICT professionals and matching the skills of the workforce to the needs of the business. But there is no common overarching model that maps educational processes to such frameworks.

Previous work has described elements of this mapping, but there are large gaps including those between SFIA and tools of education such as learner capability frameworks, graduate profiles, and assessment rubrics.

In this paper, we construct a holistic model of ICT professional education pathways. We explore the extent of knowledge and practices within this model and highlight good practice but show that there are several key aspects for which little is understood or articulated.

We expect this model to provide a vehicle for further discussion and alignment of industry expectations and educational processes.


Hamish Smith

Otago Polytechnic

Bio To Come.