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Deconstructing Wonderland

Thursday 12:20pm - 12:50pm, IT Professionals NZ (Escrow Room 1)

Over the past two years, we have entered a period of high technology change. With that change has come the Digital Snake Oil Salesman; promising the earth through Digital Transformation while whitewashing old services to appear new, and new services to be better than they are.

This session will look at the pitfalls and traps including examples, as we seek to navigate a world of AI, Digital Transformation, the Internet of Things, Flexible Working, Advanced Cloud, and other future technologies. We'll define what those new services are and how to test that definition so that your investment in future technologies is protected.


Ian Apperley

Director, Tempest Group

Ian is the Director of Tempest Group and has worked in the IT Industry for the past twenty-five years providing independent consulting advice and analysis to large agencies and private companies.

In addition, Ian is a freelance journalist working most recently for the National Business Review as a tech commentator.