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Data Trusts in New Zealand: Why we Need Them, and Where to Begin

Friday 3:40pm - 4:10pm, IT Professionals NZ (Matai 1 Room)

Data trusts are still in their infancy globally, but hold enormous promise for helping to address some of the huge issues and concerns currently around data ownership, sovereignty, governance, and management.

Aimee Whitcroft will outline what data trusts are, where they could be relevant - including NZ-specific areas like Māori data sovereignty - and how we can get started piloting them.


Aimee Whitcroft

Founder, Syntropics / Co-Founder, GovWorks NZ.

Aimee is an active advocate of #openX - open data, open government, civic technology, open-source, open access, open smart cities and more. She's worked for some of New Zealand's most respected scientific, government and non-profit organisations, and is the founder of web agency Syntropics and co-founder of consultancy GovWorks NZ.

Before working in science and govt communication, digital / web and data, amongst other things, Aimee studied molecular biology, neuroscience and business science. She has worked for top international marketing, management, strategy and market research consultancies and helped organise outreach and education initiatives such as GovHack and Startup Weekend.