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This Won’t be “easy”, “exciting” or “a fun way to meet new people.”

Friday 2:50pm - 3:20pm, IT Professionals NZ (CCL Room 2)

There is a common failure of Social media, websites, and apps. The use of imagery and inspirational dialogue intended to inspire action can unintentionally feel like nails on a blackboard.

Common and traditional design trends are no longer effective in creating customer engagement. As humans, we are quick (now more than ever) to recognise patterns and insincerity. We are becoming immune to the heartfelt desires of well-meaning organisations hoping to appeal, lure or incentivise to us into a better way of living.

Applying what we learn from research can often mean moving against a trend. It is for that reason it must be done and done confidently.

This presentation is a unique insight into this dilemma. In this case, bringing in the perspective of a UX Consultant who uses digital solutions to get non-active people participating in regular exercise. A niche example of a UX approach, but one that has relevance in the wider IT usability industry.


Hilary Williams

Founder, Active Recreation ORG

Hilary started working in IT in 1996 with database systems & development in NZ Govt. [MOE / NZ Police].

By 2000 she was working in London in the corporate environment in website architecture and information design. [Cisco Systems UK].

After returning to live in rural NZ she produced three humans and continued to work in IT, mainly web development and social media for small businesses and community groups. [Various]

During this time, on seeking a non-gym fitness solution she attended her first dance lesson age 40. Despite her late start in exercise, she now runs “Move Good Now” - classes in dance and strengthening that improve the cognitive development and fitness for the 50+ age group, with emphasis on the neuro-degenerative conditions.

On seeking a new direction in IT she retrained in UX, with a particular interest in the area of data analysis and research. The culmination of her IT/UX and fitness experience is the creation of a start-up business “Active”. This is a company focused on closing the gap between clubs, community groups & govt. organisations and the people they are hoping to engage in regular non-competitive exercise.