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The IT Department – Heroines & Heroes, Villains & Vampires or just History?

Friday 2:50pm - 3:20pm, CITRENZ (Ara Room 3)

As the technology cycles at an ever-increasing pace, services fly off to the cloud and the outsourcer, and shadow IT casts an ever-longer reach, what of the future of the central IT department?

What about the people who provide those centralised IT services – can they evolve and adapt in turn, how should they, why should they, when shouldn’t they?

Taking a not too serious look at the stereotypes, the assumptions and the tensions between security and flexibility, academic and corporate, control and convenience, consumers and suppliers, this presentation will walk the tightrope between business and IT, teetering precariously between myths and misunderstandings, and eventually running out of analogies altogether….
…before hopefully bringing the humanity back to the fore with some pertinent observations and practical suggestions on how the IT crowd might get continuing commissions.


Stephen Tanner

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

Stephen Tanner has headed up IT departments in health and education for around 2 decades, tries to manage three long term Prince projects and one Princess one, gets to live just 4 sunny km away from the conference venue...sweet!