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Data science and Analytics in the real world

Friday 10:00am - 10:40am, Keynote Presentation

Data science and analytics are crucial to the success of organisations today, but how do you harness the tools and technologies to make a strategic difference?

Dr Figen Ulgen will draw from her extensive experience as Senior Director of Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics at Microsoft Corp, General Manager at Intel Corp and now Head of Analytics and Insights Strategy at Woolworths NZ to talk about strategic Analytics.

The talk will cover off how to integrate analytics function successfully into an organisation, the concept of agile analytics, and much more.


Figen Ulgen

Head of Analytics and Insights Strategy, Woolworths NZ

Dr Figen Ulgen had started her journey in data science with Ph.D. in Machine Learning - making machines as intelligent as humans was the prize she was on the hook for.

Her career journey weaved analytics across many domains - building smart user interfaces in Motorola as a Research Scientist, consulting for Fortune 100 clients at McKinsey & Co, living through the startup phases of Windows Azure Product Planning and building a high performing Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics at Microsoft Corporation, starting the award winning OpenHPC community to democratize high performance computing and designing smart Data Center technologies with the help of AI as a General Manager at Intel Corporation.

Dr Ulgen recently moved to New Zealand to take up the role of Head of Analytics and Insights Strategy at Woolworths NZ, leading their drive to become a leader in data science and analytics.