ITx Rutherford 2019 Programme

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How does IT Resilience align with Business Continuity?

Friday 11:40am - 12:10pm, IT Professionals NZ (Escrow Room 1)

An integral aspect of an organisation’s resilience strategy is about how well co-ordinated their various resilience functions are, especially Business Continuity and IT Resilience / IT Disaster Recovery planning and execution.

Through this presentation, the speaker will share some of his own learning experiences and practical challenges faced, and also approaches he has taken in resolving some barriers and constraints around Business Continuity and Organisational and IT Resilience including IT Disaster Recovery planning and execution. He will aim to assess opportunities through the below and taking a lens of governance, risk management, leadership, collaboration, assurance and operations:
• Organisational Resilience & IT Resilience Strategy
• Exercising and Tests
• Communications
• IT Supplier Resilience
• Human Factors
• Personal resilience

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