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Developing a Model of Educational Innovation

Wednesday 3:20pm - 3:50pm, CITRENZ (Ara Room 3)

In order for education to support the future of work, we need an innovation system that provides for flexibility and responsiveness in the development of new approaches to education. But there is no agreed formula for innovation processes applied to education. The literature describes models of innovation developed for business - new product development, organisational change and new business models - but it is not known how these models apply to an education environment that mixes educational imperatives into innovation processes.

In this paper we examine a model of innovation in the light of existing innovations within computer science education. We describe a series of innovations ranging from small scale changes to teaching and assessment, through different ways of interfacing with the industry and community, to wholly different approaches to pedagogy. These innovations we treat as post-hoc design provocations to explore the applicability of the innovation model and use these to posit a new model of educational innovation.

We expect this new model to inform decision makers concerned with ensuring that the design of education landscapes continue to deliver education for the future of work.


Sam Mann

Capable NZ, Otago Polytechnic


Hamish Smith

Otago Polytechnic

Hamish Smith is an educator at heart who resides in tropical Dunedin. As Team Leader of the IT Certificate Programmes at Otago Polytechnic, his focus is very much on educational pathways and realising potential within learners. He mixes teaching with supporting the journey and is passionate about building a good future for IT Education in New Zealand.