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A Novel approach to Secure Microservice Architecture from OWASP vulnerabilities

Thursday 11:40am - 12:10pm, CITRENZ (Ara Room 3)

Microservice Architecture (MSA) is a new emerging computing and software engineering paradigm. The services of the application can be developed using different programming languages. MSA not only helps to increase the scalability and availability of the application, but it also provides the developer with flexibility in selecting programming languages and development model for every single service.

Even though, this architectural style poses many challenges to application security since each service in the system communicates with the others over the network through the Application Programming Interface. In this research we propose a guide for the architecture and the security implementation of the microservices that are developed using Spring Framework and Spring Security Framework. Moreover, the testing results in this research allows business and the software engineers to use Spring Security Framework in combination with OAuth2 protocol to secure their Spring-based APIs with confidence from OWASP vulnerabilities.


Oras Baker


Oras Baker received his PhD in artificial intelligence from the University of Malaya in 2009. He is currently the head of School of Computing and the Program Manager for Postgraduate studies and Master of IT at the Southern Institute of Technology, Invercargill, New Zealand. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality techniques, Data Mining, IOT, and Energy Efficiency.