ITx Rutherford 2019 Programme

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Intelligent Systems in an applied computing qualification

Thursday 3:00pm - 3:30pm, CITRENZ (Ara Room 3)

Minor alterations to the programme of study enabled an undergraduate applied computing degree in the ITP sector to deliver endorsed majors as an appealing addition to a currently successful programme, as well as the inclusion of a completely new endorsement to meet the requirements of local industry. The new Intelligent Systems endorsement recognises the need for skilled staff in an automation context, using traditional and IoT equipment, and able to integrate systems from farm-gate to plate with the burgeoning importance of the agritech industry.

The process of designing the new programme is discussed, including strategies to minimise disruption to an already successful programme, adding new courses whilst optimising teaching and student-choice flexibility.


Ian Purdon

Eastern Institute of New Zealand


John Jamieson

Eastern Institute of New Zealand