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Applying Constructive Alignment to the Delivery of Information Systems Courses

Thursday 11:00am - 11:30am, CITRENZ (

This paper examines and analyses of the application of constructive alignment to the delivery and assessment of information systems courses. This is examined from the perspective of constructivism, the concept of what the student does is what the student learns, and the concept of authentic learning activities. Some attention is also paid to how constructive alignment can be used to develop soft skills that are seen as being an important requirement for IT graduates.
The purpose of this paper is to present how constructive alignment has been applied in the delivery and assessment of information systems courses at Ara Institute of Canterbury.
A brief literature review is presented that covers the concepts of constructive alignment, constructivism and authentic learning activities.
A description of how three (3) information systems courses are delivered and assessed is included with analysis of this relates to the constructive alignment constructivism and authentic learning activities.
These include examples of relating to the interviewing of stakeholders to determine system requirements and how constructive alignment can be used to enhance the learning of these and other soft skills which are seen as being of vital importance for IT graduates. Conclusions include the usefulness of constructive alignment in the delivery and assessment of information systems courses, and how this could be transferred to the delivery and assessment of other subject areas.


Phillip Roxborogh

Ara Institute of Canterbury

Phillip just recently celebrated his 4th year at Ara Institute of Canterbury as a teacher in the Enterprise and Digital Innovation Department. He teaches at diploma and degree in the ICT programme covering customer service skills, IT professional fundamentals and practice, business analysis and IT service management. His teaching style is focussed on equipping his students with the skills and experience to make the jump to the ICT industry. Phillip came to Ara with 30+ years of ICT experience, and in 2016 completed his Masters at the University Otago in how mature students can achieve success in tertiary studies. Phillip is nearing completion of his graduate diploma in teaching at Ara.