ITx 2020 Programme

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Please note as with our physical conferences, all of the virtual conference sessions will be recorded.

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This years poster presentations can be viewed at

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Poster Room

Thursday 2:15pm - 3:15pm, CITRENZ (

View all the posters submitted for CITRENZ 2020 on the website.
The following posters will be spoken to during this session:

  1. Building an IoT Data Hub on Azure (Paritosh Gaur and Emre Erturk)
  2. Case Study on Microsoft Azure BaaS (Basil Matthew and Emre Erturk)
  3. Blockchain & Fintech Incubator Hawke’s Bay Group (Nadeem Khodabacchus and Emre Erturk)
  4. Blockchain Incubator, Hawke’s Bay, NZ (Bare Shashi Kumar Bhat and Emre Erturk)
  5. Microsoft Power Automate for Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga (Teriwa Graham and Emre Erturk)