Leadership and Mental Health - Thoughts from Both Sides of the "Table"

Friday 2:50pm - 3:20pm, (Wellington venue 1)

What's it like to be in a leadership position with a history of mental illness?
What should leaders consider when one of their team members has a history of mental illness?
It's not a one size fits all answer - but there are some things to think about!
(Presented from a personal point of view!)


Rebecca Woodhouse

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, Xero

Bex is an "adopted" Kiwi - Wellington has been home for 16 years!
They're a senior quality assurance analyst at Xero; a mum to a small human, an old cat, and a very large dog; and is often found being VERY vocal about things they think aren't talked about enough.
Bex believes in Unicorns and Santa Claus - because the world always needs more magic.