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Crossing the Streams: the nexus of ITIL, DevOps, and Agility

Friday 3:45pm - 4:15pm, (Wellington venue 1)

One of the great sticking points for DevOps in large organisations is finding a reconciliation between IT Service Management (usually ITIL®) and the DevOps community. The hot zone for conflicting world-views is usually between Continuous Delivery on the one hand, and Change and/or Release Management on the other. If you don’t immediately know what we mean, then you probably don’t have this problem. There are several recent developments that are opening up this issue, making it possible to find common ground and effective ways forward.
The release of ITIL®4 has generated growing interest in reconciling the ITSM and DevOps views of the world, of crossing those streams together.
A third stream that we can mix in (even closer to the Ghostbusters analogy) is new ways of managing, of business agility. This has been an area of work for Rob and his partner for three years now. When these three streams come together – agility, ITSM, and DevOps – it creates a sweet spot where we can finally GSD (get stuff done). We can bring the three communities together to achieve better flow of value through IT.
You will learn:
Why the worldviews clash
The new song that ITIL 4 sings
Changing managing to allow new ways of work
Brokering a new flow of work


Rob England

Managing Director, Two Hills Ltd

Rob England has been coaching and consulting to management in the IT sector in Wellington for fifteen years, in service management, DevOps, policy, governance and strategy. He is a global thought leader in business agility, IT service management, and new ways of IT working, with 8 published books, and contributions to VeriSM, ITIL, and DevOps. He is a Chartered IT Professional, and a member of the Business Agility Institute, the Teal Network, and the Open Leadership Network.