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Why work harder when you can work smarter: Simplifying your work

Wednesday 1:10pm - 1:50pm, (Hamilton venue)

Making an enduring and positive impact on society requires funding and the capacity for change. Most companies struggle to set aside time because of the high overhead of manual and/or administrative tasks required and the perception that a full system needs to be developed first.

Often, being time poor, having a lack of resources and challenges with our own processes prevent us from acting with agility and responding to trends. This means we often miss the necessary requirement to regularly test and learn what our customers need or expect. Diving into the wealth of data we have is one of the tools we have to see how we can deliver a better experience for customers. Process automation can help, but only if it follows a systematic and long-term framework.

In this presentation we will explore how you can shift your focus from relying on a backlog of work for your database teams or IT providers to working on solutions that can be delivered in a short time-frame. We will learn how we can break down difficult and time-consuming data processes and use micro services that do the work for you, one automation at a time. This is not meant to be a technical presentation, but will lay out the ground work that can be done to become more agile and deliver improvements of the touch-points along your donor journey.

3 Key Takeaways:
How to use automation to free up time, focus on the important areas and improve customer experiences


Anthony McMahon

Virtual CTO and Founder, Target State Consulting

Anthony McMahon is a relapsed Enterprise Architect with a fetish for Service Management and customer success. Having been a business consultant for over 3 years, he has seen the pain points that cause issues for businesses - especially those in the technology industry.

Partnering with Dirk Reinhold and James Dickinson, we've seen the future - and it's robots. When it comes to productivity, nothing works harder than a software robot who's been custom designed and implemented to take away those pesky repetitive tasks!