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What does post-Covid IT architecture look like?

Thursday 11:20am - 11:55am, (Christchurch venue)

Last year many organisations had to accelerate their digital transformation in order to meet the challenges presented by COVID including intermittent lockdowns causing to retail outlet closures and the need to work from home, social distancing requirements, lack of international travel.

We helped many organisations address those challenges. For many this meant having to modernise their IT architecture in a hurry.

So what does that IT architecture look like today?


Igor Portugal

Chief Growth Officer, OneNet

Over his 27 year career in New Zealand’s IT industry Igor assisted thousands of businesses implement the best modern technology and improve business. Igor built a number of successful technology start-ups from ground up, including Asterisk which was sold to Gen-i (now Spark) and Vadacom which was sold to incoming CEO and new shareholders and still going strong.

Over the last five years Igor transitioned from a successful entrepreneur into a successful sales & marketing leader in the IT industry helping businesses increase their potential through smart use of technology.

Igor is the current chair of the Auckland branch of ITP and a member of the Institute of Directors.