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Ethical principles in multi-modal application development: a BARJ case study

Thursday 2:35pm - 3:10pm, (Christchurch venue)

Bosch, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Regensburg University of Applied Sciences, and Jade Software (BARJ) are collaborating on investigating enhancing the user interfaces of products manufactured by Bosch. The plan is to answer four questions:

  1. “Can we speed up the setting-up process by telling the appliance what we need and want?”
  2. “How can we easily configure the user settings instead of reading manuals and complicated menus?”
  3. “How can we find relevant functions quickly?”
  4. “How can we interact with the UI manually and via voice command?”
    What is being developed is a multi-modal UI concept allowing a user to interact with the device using traditional methods (touch, hardware buttons, etc), and voice commands. The voice commands (Speech-to-text, NLU) are processed on-device or in the cloud (currently Google’s Dialogflow).
    This investigation is not only there to ease navigation through the device’s menus and altering settings, but also to provide an alternative form of interacting with the device. This could be beneficial to users that are unable to interact with it traditionally and will enhance the accessibility of future devices produced by Bosch. Moreover, we will look into another interesting area – Ethical considerations when implementing AI in the organization. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly evolving domain with a number of innovative use cases for organizations across a variety of disciplines. Despite the advancement of AI, there are currently no specific ethical regulations around the technology—though some governments are working to establish them. Many organizations are already beginning to implement standards and best practices around the use of AI to help ensure that the data-driven systems they implement are more trustworthy and will remain viable once regulations are introduced. We will share our learning around this contemporary concept using this project as a use case.


John Ascroft

CIO, Jade Software Corporation

John is Chief Innovation Officer at Jade Software Corporation and is responsible for the Product, Technology, and Marketing functions. John is a career IT professional with a development background and an interest in the application of new technology to solve business problems.

Amitrajit Sarkar

Senior Lecturer, Ara Institute of Canterbury

Amitrajit is a senior member of faculty at Ara Institute of Canterbury and an affiliated research associate at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. He has published widely in Software engineering and Management Information Systems. His main research interests include IT Governance and IS resilience, which is an aspect of organisational resilience. He has won multiple best paper awards for his research publications.