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Unlocking Agility

Friday 2:00pm - 2:30pm, (Auckland 2 Room)

Businesses today not only face increasing threat of competition and market disruption fuelled by advances of the digital age but also face the reality of large unexpected situations like pandemic.

The ability to sense the need to change, innovate rapidly and adapt quickly has become pervasive more than ever.

Business agility is the way for businesses to become learning organisations that can deliver fast and responsively, be innovative and disrupt the markets.

Even though much has been said and written on agility little has been truly understood, let alone knowing and implementing Business agility, the recent pandemic showed that change in the ways businesses run is required. Perhaps, radical "non-linear change" is being hinted here.

But is it really true that today’s businesses lack the agility required to respond to change? Many businesses did survive the pandemic, while others lived on the razor’s edge and a handful collapsed altogether.

So what must these businesses do to bring about the required business agility to foster growth and survive through any unexpected situations? While there is no single standard, formula, process, or software that can help organisations become more agile – the solution lies with people in people. Subtle changes to the ways of working and mindset can set the stage for business agility to thrive.

Come join this talk and seek ideas on how to unlock the key to business agility, how to continuously scan horizons to think innovatively, and how to strategically implement change.


Swapna Soni

Delivery Coach, Vodafone New Zealand

Swapna is a passionate agilest focusing on helping teams and organizations discover how to maximize the value they get from applying and scaling Agile principles. She is a pragmatist who excels at applying Agile in ways that work in current environment while working to change the environment to support greater agility that can scale. Swapna is also an experienced facilitator and trainer. She enjoys helping teams become agile and exclaiming those “Ah ha moments” while being on their agile journey. Swapna is a great communicator and works well at all levels of organizations to support them with business agility.

Swapna is currently working as Agile Coach for telco giant Vodafone NZ. You may find her writing blog, helping neighbors, volunteering or on a stroll while she is off her desk/laptop. She believes in people power and enjoys helping people unleash their true potential.