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Hybrid Recommendation Systems for Tourism-Related Planning During Covid-19 Period – Southland

Tuesday 11:00am - 11:25am, (CITRENZ venue 2)

The year 2020 witnessed the spreading of Covid-19, which is considered one of the worst pandemics in human history. Remarkably, the pandemic is changing not only daily routines but also most businesses operating in New Zealand. Safety measures, social distancing, and remote working are becoming critical factors. Moreover, this pandemic has forced the New Zealand government to close its international borders to visitors in early 2020, and the region's tourism sector has had a challenging year. Notably, its impact is also forming a new way for tourists to make a travel plan. While searching for places and activities, tourists must consider safety measures and the New Zealand Covid-19 alert levels. Therefore, this study mainly aims to develop a recommender system that focuses on user interests and Covid-19 safety measures. Moreover, the system is specific for recommending places and activities in Southland.