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Pre-empting Online Hate Speech through AI

Tuesday 11:30am - 11:55am, (CITRENZ venue 2)

Internet has become part and parcel of life ever since the technological evolution of smart devices. The good side of social media and online platform includes crowd funding, reaching out to people and helping to locate loved ones in case of social calamities. On the other side, ease of access to online platforms enabled to publish dangerous content and hate speeches and social media created severe impact on social, psychological and mental wellbeing. This research aims at investigating the capability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to pre-empt possible online hate speech in real-time.


Sreenivas Tirumala

Dr. Sreenivas Tirumala is working as a Lecturer at the Manukau Institute of Technology. He completed his PhD in Artificial Intelligence with specialisation in Artificial Neural Networks (2020). He has received research grants (internal and external) and other conference fundings from time to time.

As a ‘white hat’ hacker, Dr Sreenivas Tirumala actively works on investigating vulnerabilities across various domains & products and contributed to the development of cyber security strategies for small and medium scale industries. One of his funded projects is in investigating submission portals, websites and wifi networks of schools to identify the possibility of compromising login to access information like assessments, pics, documents.

Dr. Tirumala has published in international journals and conferences. At present he is working on context-based text analytics to predict and pre-empt hate speech, a project funded by InternetNZ and the Manukau Institute of Technology.