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Caring for IT educators in a Te Pūkenga future

Tuesday 12:00pm - 12:25pm, (CITRENZ 1 Room)

Hiring, training, and retaining high-calibre IT educators is essential for learner-centred success in IT within the fast-approaching future in the Te Pūkenga organisation. This research presents some suggestions for areas of focus based on the qualitative experiences of three recently employed IT academics, each with significant industry experience. An outline of an alternative subject-specific collaborative and personalised training model for new academics is proposed. The current educational training is the generic NZ Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching which in some ways is not fit for purpose and can even contribute to a cynical view of the educational process.

A Te Pūkenga-wide collaborative approach is suggested for supporting ongoing training and upskilling in order to maintain technical excellence in the rapidly evolving IT field. This is a vital component for academic training and retention. Alongside ongoing training is the requirement to provide opportunities and support for original research, and a Te Pūkenga-wide focus can provide additional opportunities for research collaboration.

Though much remains uncertain about the academic salary environment following the transition to Te Pūkenga, IT educators at polytechnics and institutes of technology tend to have the lowest pay rates compared to their experience and qualifications. Some guidelines are provided to ensure the discrepancy between IT academic salary and earnings in the industry is kept to a manageable size in order to reduce staff losses in a labour market environment suffering a shortage of high-quality candidates.