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Use of Data Analytics in the Public Sector: An Exploratory Study in a New Zealand Context

Wednesday 4:00pm - 4:30pm, (CITRENZ venue 1)

The benefits of the use of technology to improve quality and control cost is an ongoing research subject. In spite of having huge benefits from the use of data analytics in the public sector, there has been little information about this the literature on how data analytics is being effectively used in public sector organisations. This research seeks to fill this gap by investigating the use of data analytics in the public sector.

Qualitative research was used where an inductive approach was used to interview analysts and managers from different public sector organisations. Thematic analysis of the interview transcripts was carried out to identify the findings and draw conclusions.

Research findings reveal that data analytics is used significantly in these public sector organisations for predictive analysis and managerial decisions. It is observed that the effective use of data analytics results in better decision-making by reducing cost, time, and resources. This research points to how public sector organisations can experience improvements in the future with the implementation of data analytics.


Trevor Nesbit

Trevor has a background that includes teaching and the support of teaching in the polytechnic and university sector over a number of years. His academic research currently includes the use of data analytics, cloud based accounting systems, digital badges in higher education, adaptive learning and educational technologies more generally. Trevor is currently working as an Academic Developer in the Blended Learning Development Team at the University of Canterbury.