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Hardus Viljoen

Cybersec Limited

Hardus Viljoen has spent more than 30 years in technology, having completed an honors degree in Informatics from the University of Pretoria.

He spent time as a lecturer at the University before returning to Namibia, there he worked as a business consultant and was head of technology in major banks and financial institutions.

He worked as a consultant in several African countries including Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, and Kenia. He was a founding member of ISACA, Windhoek Chapter, and holds CISM and CRISK certification from ISACA. As the MD of Avril Payment Solution in Namibia, one of his key responsibilities was the protection of sensitive government data. This sparked his interest in cybersecurity. He is a believer in lifelong learning and sharing his experience and knowledge.

Over a Billion Dollars Stolen: The Carbanak Gang's Story

Thursday 2:10pm - 2:40pm, ITPNZ (Escrow Room 1)

It is estimated that the Carbanak gang got away with at least 1 billion dollars. This is their story and the lessons we can learn from their attacks. They were a sophisticated gang of cybercriminals from several countries. The victims were financial institutions from around 30 countries.

The gang used simple techniques to infiltrate the banks - they would spend months observing the processes in the bank before they would pounce and get away with the money. A dedicated global team of INTERPOL, Europol, national police forces, and cybersecurity companies worked for years to bring the gang down. The suspected leaders were arrested in Spain early last year.