ITx Rutherford 2019 Speakers

Keynotes and Speakers for ITx Rutherford

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Helena Cilliers

Content Development Manager, Via Afrika

An educator at heart, Helena is both energised and inspired when she's able to guide others towards “learning tough stuff the easy way”. Helena views this process of upskilling and empowerment in terms of people’s skills sets, personal growth, attitudes towards change, and their use of technology as life-changing for all parties, including herself.

Over the past fifteen years, Helena has trained and done presentations to small and large groups of teachers, principals, corporate participants, and governmental officials at local and national level in topics such as e-learning, educational and emerging technologies, and online courseware creation.

Helena has a Master’s degree in Education and specialised in Educational Technology. She started her career as a high-school and primary-school teacher, then moved to educational publishing and is currently a Content Development Manager at Via Afrika, a Southern African publishing house developing print and digital learning and training materials that make a difference.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution - or just 3IR v2?

Friday 12:20pm - 12:50pm, ITPNZ (CCL Room 2)

The borders between the Third and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are often blurry and never more so than in the field of education.

During this presentation:
- you'll get a "cheat sheet" on what the 4IR technologies and trends are,
- how the 4IR technologies and trends differ from technologies and trends of the Third Industrial Revolution, and
- how you can prepare and ensure a mindset change related to yourself, your students, your classroom, and your community.

Although this presentation is teacher-focused, it will be informative for anyone wanting to know more about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, its buzzwords, and what's so different about the 4IR. Join us!

Technology and the Future of Work

Friday 1:30pm - 2:40pm, ITPNZ, CITRENZ, Extra (ITx Plenary Room)

Panel talk and Q&A about the changing face of work in the next 10-15 years as a result of advances in adoption of technology.