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Lynley Lee

Director/Principal Consultant, Peritia Ltd

Lynley is the founding Director and a Principal Consultant at Peritia Ltd; a consultancy company that works with organisations from SME’s to large corporates and local authorities, to provide leadership and advice in the development and implementation of Business Technology Strategies and Digital Initiatives. Peritia’s approach is to inform and empower decision-makers to understand and embrace digital business transformation.

Lynley has held senior IT Management positions most recently as CIO for a multi-national in the Agribusiness sector. She has established strong networks in the IT and business communities throughout New Zealand.

Lynley is a highly regarded technology professional with experience at all levels of IT delivery and a large network of business and technology relationships. A good communicator, she effortlessly bridges the gap between technical consultants and IT project teams and has delivered a range of very successful business projects that achieved the automation of manual processes, met business needs and supported desired business outcomes.

Building a Digital Foundation for Digital Innovation

Thursday 3:40pm - 4:10pm, ITPNZ (CCL Room 2)

New Zealand is perceived to be an innovative nation. Our innovation is said to have a distinctive character which is:

“..robust and resourceful, often multi-disciplinary, breaks boundaries, challenges preconceptions and tackles traditional problems in innovative ways.”

Research and development across science, business and industry is of high quality and often recognised as being “pioneering”. We have globally successful businesses that are recognised as innovation-leaders.

And yet in the overall New Zealand business environment, the technology capability gap; between exponentially improving digital technologies and the mediocre gains (if any) that we see in productivity and innovation; is widening.

Global indices identify a pattern in which New Zealand continues to languish and slide in key innovation and productivity metrics and, despite positive government initiatives, is dropping behind comparative nations. 

If our wider business environment is innovation positive, and we are recognised for having a creative and innovative workforce, why are most of our businesses (and in turn New Zealand as a whole) becoming comparatively less productive, less competitive and less innovative?

This presentation identifies:

• key factors that are holding back our traditional enterprises (many with 10-20 + years of proven success) from implementing and leveraging digital technologies to deliver improved productivity and measurable returns on innovation investment.
• practical strategies that will deliver a robust and reliable digital technology foundation for business innovation in process, product, customer experience, and service delivery.
• simple leadership principles that can be implemented to create and maintain a more innovative and productive workplace.