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Mark Harrison

Consulting Manager, Deloitte NZ

Mark Harrison NZCITP is a Consulting Manager with Deloitte NZ based in Wellington. With a broad base of experience in technical and management roles across IT in both the UK and New Zealand, Mark has a keen interest in Service Management and how it can be used to drive efficiency and unlock automation across the enterprise.

Recently Mark designed and implemented a new set of Service Management processes using ServiceNow at Inland Revenue, developing a framework for this based on ITIL, DevOps and SIAM

Managing the Digital Disruption at Inland Revenue

Thursday 12:20pm - 12:50pm, ITPNZ (CCL Room 2)

What has digital disruption, ITIL 4, and a CMDB got in common?

In this session, we will show how IT Service Management practices can provide the discipline to enable digital transformation for the whole Enterprise.

Taking a fusion of ITIL 4, DevOps ways of working, and SIAM (Service Integration & Management), we'll see how the whole enterprise can “get work done” efficiently and consistently through a new Enterprise Service Management framework; developed to power Inland Revenue’s Business Transformation.

In this session we'll discuss how to:
* Use "everything as a service" concept to structure an organisation for success in the age of digital disruption
* Leverage small, but significant technology building blocks to drive automation and create value
* Deliver an omni-channel digital customer experience for internal and external users without creating extra work for staff
* Manage the noise and focus on what matters
* Create a culture of DevOps by design
* Establish a functioning CMDB without an argument (possibly...)

This will be a content-rich session, with a recent case study from Inland Revenue.

ITIL4 in an hour

Thursday 3:00pm - 4:10pm, Extra (Catalyst Room 5)

A condensed overview of the world leading framework for Service Management: ITIL 4.

As disruption continues and Digital Transformation is at the front of mind, businesses will increasingly look to frameworks like ITIL to understand, standardise and automate the work they do.

Whether you are new to ITIL or v3 certified, this is a key framework to be aware of for all IT Professionals. Released this year, ITIL4 is a significant advancement on the previous version and represents a shift in thinking that will impact us all.

We’ll run through:
* What is Service Management and why it's important
* An overview of ITIL4
* Shifts from ITIL v3
* Critical review of the framework
* Discuss key challenges and opportunities for ITIL4
* Discuss how we can adapt to ITIL4 and apply it to the Enterprise

We'll cover pretty much all of the foundation guidance at a high level in an engaging format that shows how it fits together and can be applied to work across the enterprise.