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Matthew Evetts

General Manager, COMSMART

Matthew is the GM of COMSMART, an Optic Security Group company. In addition to his day-to-day role of leading COMSMART, which offers a broad range of IT services, he is also deeply involved in the Group's cyber capability and in the development of new IT products and services.

Matthew’s focus is on adding value no matter how challenging the situation. He thrives on solving business and technology problems and improving upon the status quo, and enjoys bridging the worlds of business and technology.

He has a broad base of strategic, business, and technical experience; allowing him to quickly identify what will work in any given situation, collaborate with a wide range of people, and adopt new technologies. He has broad and deep enterprise and solution experience across different types of organisations and technologies.
His specialities include: organisational leadership and operations; enterprise and solution architecture; problem analysis and issue resolution; digital services; design and product development.

It's More Than Just Cyber - Why Your Focus Should be on Converged Security

Thursday 3:40pm - 4:10pm, ITPNZ (Escrow Room 1)

Cyber security is more than just zeroes and ones. Looking at it form purely a technology perspective is dangerous and will leave your organisation open to attack. Many of the biggest data breaches in recent history were only possible due to factors outside of what most people class as cyber security.

Our organisations are a cyber battleground and the only way we can effectively fight the war is with a converged approach to information security that includes people, process, and technology – both physical and digital technologies.

Cyber security is much bigger than your IT department. It starts with good governance – ownership at the board and executive level; and brings together responsibilities from across the organisation, including HR, finance, operations, technology, and facilities.

Converged security is about protecting people, assets, information, and infrastructure holistically by taking a ‘whole-of-business’ risk-based approach.

31 March 2019 marked one year of the Australian Notifiable Data Breach scheme, where organisations had to report breaches. In that time data breach notifications increased 700%. Malicious or criminal attacks were a massive 60% of all breaches. Of that 60%, 68% were attributable to cyber-attack methods we know about like phishing, malware, brute force, and compromised credentials; but most noteworthy - of these breaches most still included some form of human error. This is a huge indicator of why a converged approach is so important. Here is the big kicker - 35% of all data breaches notified in that one year was attributed solely to human error!

The ultimate goal is full security maturity across every aspect of your business. The reality is that we’re all on a journey and continuing to progress on that journey is the primary objective. What are you doing at an organisation level that truly addresses information security risk across the business?