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Edwin Bruce

Digital Technologies Teacher, Wellington East Girls' College

Edwin Bruce teaches Digital Technologies at Wellington East Girls' College. Over the last 18 months, he has also fulfilled the role of College Digital Information Officer ie CIO without the paper.

Edwin describes himself as a Learner, Teacher, Facilitator and ICT Professional. His pre-teaching business experience includes Education, Forestry, Wholesale Banking, Fisheries Management, and e-Government.

Times Have Changed - a Chief Information Office in Schools is now Essential

Friday 2:50pm - 3:20pm, Extra (Catalyst Room 5)

The role of a Chief Information Officer is typically associated with larger organisations.

Given many schools typically have over 100 staff and 1,000 students with at least two devices each and the increasing reliance on ICT services to deliver learning I believe the role of a CIO is essential.

WEGC has established such a role over the last 14 months and coupled with outsourcing IT service delivery, dealing with information stewardship and looking to access authentic government data for curriculum delivery some lessons have been learned and a few questions raised.