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Kirk Jackson

Security Researcher, RedShield Security

Kirk Jackson is a Security Researcher at RedShield, where he analyses security vulnerabilities in customer applications and comes up with a plan to protect them.

Kirk organises the Wellington OWASP Chapter and helps organise NZ's biggest security defence conference OWASP NZ Day. Kirk is a regular speaker on the themes of developer security and defence.

10 years of security breaches... what have we learnt?

Thursday 4:20pm - 5:00pm, Keynote Presentation

Security gurus Andy Prow and Kirk Jackson look back at the past decade of security misfortune. During their talk they will recreate the hacks that shocked us live on stage and ask the question: What have we learnt?

Over the past 10 years, Andy and Kirk have enjoyed recreating security incidents for audiences at tech conferences: from scenes in Mr Robot and blockbuster movies, to demonstrating how ransomware works. In this talk they'll switch their focus to the Real World(tm), and recreate actual security breaches that have happened to global corporations, showing how sophisticated the attackers are (or aren't), and helping us understand how to defend against these attacks.