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Anna Brodie

Head of Technology, Education Payroll Limited

Anna is Head of Technology at Education Payroll Limited, leading and enabling the technology team to deliver the Education Payroll Development Programme through the transformation journey towards a world-class digital service.

Anna is passionate about building customer-focused, energized, talented and enabled teams. Providing an environment for innovation and diverse thinking to collaborate and deliver industry-leading practices supporting digital transformation. She has over 18 years experience in technology, delivering and leading technology and culture change.

Anna has also been heavily involved in ICT Technology knowledge networks, including 9 years volunteering with the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) including President of the Board of Directors.

From Novopay to world-class payroll: Successful Digital Transformation Within the Public Sector

Thursday 11:40am - 12:10pm, ITPNZ (CCL Room 2)

Education Payroll Limited (EPL) is a crown entity delivering the education payroll, the largest in New Zealand. EPL was formed to take over from private company Talent2, who introduced a new system in 2012, commonly known as Novopay. The system rollout went badly, prompting a raft of negative media attention, a Ministerial inquiry and a significant deterioration in the relationship with schools and a loss of faith in payroll processes and systems.

Since Novopay, EPL has received 3 million (mostly handwritten) forms. In 2017, EPL started on a journey to deliver a world-class digital experience for our customers. This required a fundamental shift in approach with an absolute focus on customer and ruthless value prioritisation.

EdPay is a new digital channel for schools to directly enter and manage payroll instructions. The key to our success has been:
• Service design: working with our customers from the start to design what our customers want
• Agile: customers at the centre of product development; cross-functional teams deliver early and often; feedback loops built-in
• DevOps & GitOps: delivering features at a faster pace. EPL has chosen a combination of Openshift, Jenkins, Ansible & Bitbucket
• Shift left approach: move the risk as far left as possible to increase confidence and quality
• Agile change: packaging functionality that is useful to our customers, testing with beta group in production before rolling out. Learning and adapting as we go.

This talk will run through the transition and the future of education payroll.