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Jordan Carter



Christchurch Call

Thursday 11:00am - 11:30am, ITPNZ (Escrow Room 1)

Jordan will update the audience on work being done to follow up on the Christchurch Call. The Christchurch Call was a meeting co-hosted by New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and French President, Emmanuel Macron, held in Paris on 15 May 2019. It’s a global call which aims to “bring together countries and tech companies in an attempt to bring to an end the ability to use social media to organise and promote terrorism and violent extremism.”

You can read InternetNZ's thoughts on the Christchurch Call in our media release:

Christchurch Call outcome is a vital first step in addressing terrorism and violent extremism online.

InternetNZ is committed to openness, including the importance of open governance of the Internet. Besides governments and social media tech companies, the broader technology community and civil society perspectives should be taken into account. The long history of Internet policy-making shows that the best outcomes are when all the relevant voices are being heard.