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Sarah Snell

Open Polytechnic of NZ

Sarah has extensive experience working within the tertiary education sector in a variety of academic, management and leadership roles. She is a Principal Curriculum Designer for Information Technology, Library and Information Studies in the Learning Design and Development Directorate at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. She has a Doctor of Science Education, a Master of Management, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Administration, a Bachelor's degree in Applied Information Systems, and a Teachers Diploma in Information Technology. Sarah's research focus is applied in nature and her main research interests are professional and soft skills for ICT graduates, connecting students with industry, gender and diversity in the ICT sector, and students' perceptions of mobile learning environments.

It Takes a Village: A Collaborative Approach to Online Course Design and Development

Wednesday 11:00am - 11:30am, CITRENZ (Ara Room 3)

In contrast to a traditional face-to-face course, course design and development at the Open Polytechnic uses a collaborative approach to designing and developing Online Distance Flexible Learning (ODFL) courseware.

At this New Zealand tertiary education institution, course design and development follows a six-phase process with three levels of project roles and responsibilities. A discussion of each of the design and development phases, roles and responsibilities is provided, showcasing how this collaborative approach to developing courseware provides an effective way of delivering a pedagogically-sound online learning experience.