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Sudish Balakrishnan

Eastern Institute of Technology

Sudish obtained a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Saurashtra University-India in 2004 and since has been actively worked for telecommunication and utility service providers in India, Europe and the Middle East.

After 14 years, Sudish decided to reembark on a journey back to academics with their Post Graduation Degree at Eastern Institute of Technology-Auckland in 2018. This is where they found their true passion in emerging telecom technologies which are shaping and regenerating the world around us as we know it, with 5G at its epicentre.

Pathway to 5G – Challenges at a Cellular Level

Thursday 12:20pm - 12:50pm, CITRENZ (Ara Room 3)

The paper aims to underline the technological term 5G with the embedded core technologies and standards, rather than being a commercial placard, focusing on the cellular level, excluding overall factors like backhauling and handover techniques. Navigating through the evolution of Mobile Technology and the driving force behind it enables us to understand the basic developmental challenges, ideologies, and competencies the 5G aims to achieve from its’ predecessors. These are the key decisive factors defining 5G as we understand it from a user’s perspective. Following a review of studies detailing the proposed technologies for 5G, the novel technologies in several arenas of the smallest unit of the mobile network - the cell; are analyzed and compared with those of 4G.

Like most other technological advancements, the advancing Mobile Technology also has its own challenges including environmental hazards, efficiency and political rivalry of manufacturers, which are of paramount for its success and worldwide acceptance. Some of these technologies will be refined and coined to form a structural standard forming the basics of 5G by the standards organizations like ITU and 3GPP who are already midway successful in this process. While the availability of 5G as a service to users is still an awaited experience of the near future, the evolution of the underlying technologies and its continuous development provides both a challenging and motivating habitat for innovations.