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Dax Roberts

Senior Lecturer, Weltec


Panel: Recent educational developments in Cybersecurity

Wednesday 3:20pm - 4:30pm, CITRENZ (Cybersec Room 4)

Being connected, and the resulting access to communication and information online has greatly contributed to New Zealand’s prosperity. We are more closely connected to global culture and the international economy than ever before.

Internet connectivity brings New Zealand to the world, underpins our prosperity, and helps negate the downsides of distance. However as the benefits of such interconnectedness are used ever more, we become very heavily dependent on a free, open, and secure internet and trusted underlying infrastructure and technology.

Additionally, such openness and great opportunities also brings cybersecurity risks. Protecting data and devices is critical for every business and for every person living in, working in, or visiting New Zealand.

Cybersecurity is, therefore, much more than “just” an IT issue. In 2018, over 3400 incidents were reported, which cost the economy over $14 million. To protect our nation against these attacks, New Zealand needs a strong cybersecurity workforce. However, like societies around the globe, New Zealand also faces a large shortage of staff with relevant skills.

We will discuss how to address and overcome this shortage, what special role ITPs play in doing so, and what education providers and industry need to do to train and re-train the future (and existing) workforce.