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Jocelyn Cranefield

Senior Lecturer School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington

Jocelyn's research centres around understanding the challenges and impacts arising from digital change, innovation and technology adoption, to help leaders guide future action. This includes issues arising from the use of data-driven decision-making, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, especially how partering with ‘intelligent’ IT is changing the nature of work. She led the NZ World IT Project and is a regular presenter at conferences and author of journal articles and book chapters. Jocelyn previously worked as a team manager, senior manager, manager of R&D, and consultant in digital strategy for government organisations, startups and the education and museum sectors.

From fun-lovers to institutionalists: Uncovering the subcultures of kiwi IT workers

Friday 11:20am - 11:50am, (Wellington 1 Room)

IT workers are often seen as sharing a set of values that unite the IT profession and set us apart from other kinds of workers. But how similar are we in reality? Based on a survey of 500 IT professionals we identify four very different groups amongst New Zealand IT professionals: Fun-lovers, independents, innovators, and institutionalists. We outline the differences between these groups and their values, then explain why this matters for understanding our own approach to work, assigning tasks to others, setting up effective teams, and managing staff.