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Jason Greenwood

Founder & Lead Consultant, Greenwood Consulting

Jason is a futurist and eCommerce specialist.

For 20+ years, Jason has had the privilege of helping organisations across ANZ architect the most exciting, compelling, differentiated, integrated and technically sound eCommerce, digital shopping & brand engagement experiences imaginable.

As a digital native with deep omni-channel commerce expertise, he fuses the core tenets of online success - traffic, conversion & customer lifetime value - with broader solutions that encompasses teams, business goals, systems, processes and integration/automation.

He's also a passionate mentor, commentator, keynote speaker and content producer that loves giving back to the retail industry.

Does your retail B2C/B2B business still need an eCommerce website?

Friday 11:20am - 11:50am, (Auckland 2 Room)

This talk is designed to challenge the current thinking about retail/digital transactional channels.

While many retail businesses still don't even have a transactional website (or it's poorly executed), the rise of eCommerce marketplaces and social/contextual commerce are decreasing the emphasis on owned eCommerce properties and emphasising the need to become omni-channel ready/channel agnostic ASAP.

The advent of 'Stealth Commerce' (automatic commerce) is going to accelerate this trend and businesses must prepare themselves for this eventuality if they are to capitalise on a post-covid, customer centric future.