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Mark Harrison

Associate Director, Deloitte

Mark Harrison MIITP NZCITP is an ITIL4 Managing Professional and Manager at Deloitte; specialising in applying Service Management good practice across IT, HR, Facilities and wider business services.

With a broad range of experience from technical assurance and business analysis through to managing multi-million programmes of work, Mark became interested in Service Management for the structure that it can bring to chaotic systems. Predicting the direction ITIL4 would take, he was able to support a New Zealand government department through a major IT transformation to a new SIAM based operating model; helping establish their new Service Manage Office. Mark is a global thought leader within Deloitte, and author of the first so-titled "Enterprise Service Management" framework that guides the application of industry good practice across the organisation.

Service Management: a panacea for uncertain times?

Friday 3:10pm - 3:40pm, (Auckland 1 Room)

Business leaders are concerned by our increasingly volatile and uncertain world. Interestingly, IT departments have dealt with complex systems and estates for years with effective IT Service Management.

However, do IT professionals really understand ‘why’ ITSM works? Is it just some collection of good practice built up over time, or is there something deeper behind it?

As businesses look to IT for guidance, what can ITSM teach the business, and what can the business teach IT?

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) breaks down the barriers between IT and Business by treating everything as a service (XaaS). With ESM, we see much of what we consider ‘good practice’ emerge naturally.

In this presentation we’ll take a fresh look at Service Management showing:

1. What ITIL4 is trying to achieve, and where it’s going
2. How good practice such as ITIL, SIAM and DevOps can be unified
3. How to deliver practical configuration management quickly (and why this is so important to ESM
4. Why ancient working practices may be the forgotten key to dealing with exponential technology

With the latest thinking, and case studies from the New Zealand Government, this presentation asks attendees to pause and reflect on the ‘why’ of service management and what it says about the way our organisations should operate.