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Aravindh Rajagopalan

Cloud Business Consultant, Equinox IT

Aravindh is a Cloud Business Consultant with considerable experience in Microsoft ecosystem, Cloud productivity and Cloud platform. He helps clients adopt smarter ways of working, focusing on the important aspects of people, process and platforms.

Equinox IT is a Microsoft Gold partner for DevOps and Cloud Platform competencies and Aravindh has specialist expertise on Microsoft Cloud Platform, as well as complementary vendors such as VMWare, Veeam, Acronis, SkyKick, DocuSign and more.
Aravindh also has experience and skill in the following:

•Business, strategy and sales leadership
•Digital transformation, disruption, new business models and technology innovation
•Customer interactions and experience
•Taking product from concept to commercial
•Leading cloud implementation and migration, using Microsoft Azure
•Business and cultural change management

"Kiwi businesses are experiencing the shift to a digital first strategy at a record pace. I help Kiwi businesses decipher and adopt their digital strategy to enable them to innovate and achieve more."

Aravindh is a 'Toastmasters New Zealand' award winning public speaker and presenter which has allowed him to present at national and global events for technology vendors. He also won the 2020 Reseller News 30 under 30 in Tech – Sales award. He has spearheaded the Microsoft Cloud program in New Zealand for several global distribution and solution providers.

Delivering customer value in a de-centralised working world

Friday 3:10pm - 3:40pm, (Auckland 2 Room)

The last year has showed us that the world doesn't and can't stop (at least not for long) for anything. You still need to deliver customer outcomes like you always have - better, faster and cheaper, but now within an environment of greater uncertainty, workplace flexibility and decentralised teams.

As organisations come to terms with the new norm, many have transformed to embrace distributed locations, new ways of working, and enabling technology platforms. IT and development teams have been no exception. Organisations that rely on IT and developer innovation to fuel their business and customer value have aggressively adopted DevOps as a cornerstone approach, supported by remote working tools and Cloud platforms.

For these organisations, DevOps provides the means for distributed teams to be efficient and flexible, with feedback loops helping them optimise workflows. Remote working tools and Cloud platforms, support the new ways of working, decoupling teams from the constraints of needing to be in a set location.

In this presentation, Aravindh shares the lessons Equinox IT has learned from years of delivering DevOps and Cloud transformation services to clients, to help you and your IT team on your own change journey. While DevOps is key to driving the new ways of working for many IT teams, he shows that it takes an approach of putting people over process over platform to achieve successful transformation and deliver the required customer value in a decentralised working world.