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Robert Oliver

Robert Oliver has been employed in a number of software development, database design, and IT management roles for medium to large businesses and for the last 22 years has been teaching in the public tertiary sector. His interests and expertise focus on integrated database design particularly in the financial accounting area.

Test Driven Development will make your database deployments hassle free

Wednesday 3:50pm - 4:10pm, (CITRENZ 1 Room)

Test-Driven Development (TDD) has a proven track record in application development, but is less ingrained in database development work, despite data quality is increasingly critical in a data-driven economy.

This mindset has changed with the arrival of test frameworks that use the SQL language, and that are available as plug-ins for development environments. In this workshop, we will discuss in detail a Unit Testing framework for databases called tSQLt that is available as a plug-in for SQL Server Management Studio.

This free open-source library has gained a lot of attention lately; even more so since industry leader Redgate have put their weight behind it by making tSQLt the backbone of their product SQL Test.