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John Olsen

Global HR Guru

John Olsen spent over 20 years' in Human Resources leadership roles for Microsoft, GE, and Amazon.

His global leadership experience includes large scale (shipping packages at Amazon), turnarounds (Windows Phone), strategic acquisitions (Skype at Microsoft), and hyper-growth (Alexa and Kindles).

These days, John works with companies around the globe to help them identify and drive the change needed to get better results. John also sits on the board of Mentemia, works with founders and venture capital firms to scale their start-ups, and chairs the Icehouse Bay of Plenty Advisory Board.

Team culture: How to innovate with the best people

Friday 4:00pm - 4:40pm, (Auckland 1 Room)

Change is happening faster and faster.

Your people are key to keeping ahead and continuing to delight customers. How can you make sure you attract, motivate, and keep the staff you need?

One way is to have the right culture. In this plenary sessioin, Global HR guru John Olsen will talk company culture, how it can be your competitive advantage in the face of change, and give practical ideas you can start using tomorrow to build the culture that will help make your business successful.