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Rasha Abu-Safieh

Founder, GGateway

Rasha Abu Safieh is Edmund Hillary Fellow, focusing on creating global impact from Aotearoa New Zealand, she is Time Magazine Next Generation Leader 2018, Co-founder of the first IT impact-sourcing social enterprise in Palestine, a successful business model that continues to create hundreds of jobs and supports young people to transform their lives.

Rasha has a 15y+ of experience in the IT and management fields. Throughout her career, Rasha held several leadership positions in Private, Higher education, and International Organizations.

Rasha has a high diploma in Strategic Business Management from Harvard Business Publishing and a degree in Information Systems Management, a certificate in Emergent strategy and facilitation for System Change, in addition to multiple businesses, management, IT, and programming certificates.

Rasha is a trustee and board member in multiple local NZ and international organizations.

Rasha moved to New Zealand at the end of 2019 and currently works as a manager for multiple IT projects at The University of Otago. Rasha is focusing her work on the areas of ICT and remote work, social entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, and systems change.

GGateway: Transforming lives through Tech

Friday 11:55am - 12:35pm, (Auckland 1 Room)

As Time Magazine Next Generation Leader in 2018 and the Co-founder of GGateway social enterprise, Rasha Abu-Safieh has seen a lot.

In her talk, she will speak about the challenges of setting up an IT-Outsourcing social enterprise model in one of the most complex contexts in the world.

She will walk you through a journey full of challenges, resilience, and success. A journey that started in Palestine and continues to create impact from Aotearoa as Edmund Hillary's Fellow currently mapping the Entrepreneurial Eco-system in Dunedin.