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Clare Swallow

Director, Mulberry Street

Having spent a number of years as a shareholder and General Manager of a growing technology consultancy, Clare had a 4am epiphany that, with 2 children under three, this was the perfect time to leave a job and start a business.

Clare created Mulberry St to help ambitious people take a human-centred approach in developing their employee and customer experience. With a background in marketing, sales, consulting and general management across the technology, logistics and design industries Clare has real empathy for the challenges leaders face today.

Clare believes the world and the way in which we work is fundamentally changing and therefore organisations need help to build cultures where connection, creativity and courage are at the heart of how they work.

Putting people back into people-centred experience

Tuesday 1:50pm - 2:20pm, (Tauranga 1 Room)

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