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Marcus Bossert

Associate Director - Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Marcus Bossert is an Associate Director in Deloitte’s Risk Advisory team in Wellington, with 25 years ICT industry experience.

He has designed high availability architectures and managed the availability and operational resilience of several enterprise-grade mission-critical systems at a leading South African systems integrator for 10 years, spanning both private and government sectors.

He has successfully led many responses to technology and related crisis situations over the years. In New Zealand, he has helped various agencies to improve their Cyber, Privacy and Resilience risk management capabilities.

Qualifications: NHD. Elect. Eng., CISSP, CISM, MBA

Digital Crisis Management: a new approach

Friday 11:40am - 12:10pm, ITPNZ (Escrow Room 1)

Being ready for man-made or natural crisis situations means something very different in the digital age. Crisis management teams of today have to be ready to deal with more complex crisis, and risk dynamics than ever before.

They also have to be ready to respond anytime and anywhere to an array of risks with the potential to go viral worldwide in a matter of minutes. Today’s leadership and crisis management teams are expected to digest vast amounts of information from many sources and respond fast and accurately under significant stress.

Digital Crisis Management technologies present a new and exciting way for organisations to enable their teams to successfully navigate the unchartered waters of modern-day crisis management.

Digital Crisis Management solutions can benefit organisations as follows:
• Leverage pre-built playbooks and process libraries to fast-track capability and maturity building.
• Build muscle memory with more realistic virtual testing of your plan against more scenarios, more often, without impacting operations.
• Fuse information from many sources into a single source of the truth and maintain up to date situational awareness.
• Ability to manage many live issues and low-level incidents on a single platform allowing a dynamic understanding of aggregated risk, and timely escalation.
• Support for the team to make the right decisions under stressful crisis situations with battle-tested process and situational decision-support.
• Make audits and post-incident reviews a breeze as all information is securely contained within one platform. Leverage automated audit trail logs with time-stamped events to easily identify and remediate problem areas.