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Andrew Dingfelder

Andy Dingfelder is a Principal Consultant for Planit Software Testing. He has 25 years of experience in software development and testing across multiple domains with expertise in DevOps, test automation, Agile coaching, continuous improvement and project management.

He is passionate about building and mentoring technology teams and serves as Planit’s regional DevOps and Complete Tester technical training champion. Andy specializes in helping organisations design and implement program-level DevOps and Continuous Delivery strategies, and is a certified Scrum Master and Advanced Test Manager.

A Practical Guide to DevOps - Helping your Team Survive the Transformation

Thursday 3:00pm - 3:30pm, ITPNZ (ITPNZ 2 Room)

Your organisation has finally gotten used to Agile project delivery, but now things are transforming again. The ICT industry is undergoing a fundamental shift in the way organisations deliver change and this crash course will present an overview of DevOps and the things your team needs to know to survive the coming changes.

The transformation which DevOps brings provides huge benefits. It results in improved efficiency, faster release and deployment cycles (bringing reduced failures and improved speed to market), along with improved communication, more productive teams and enhanced employee satisfaction.

Fundamentally DevOps is a set of practices and principles that helps enable delivery of higher quality projects with faster delivery speed. It promotes better collaboration between teams including application development, testing, operations, security, project management, business stakeholders and others, using Agile and Lean development methodologies to streamline and improve processes. It provides improved morale and productivity for your teams through cultural transformation, and automation can enable repeatability and improved quality, along with increased speed to market

This presentation will discuss the fundamentals of DevOps and the cultural changes that must occur in an organization starting this transformation. It draws on industry best practices and the author’s own experiences to discuss key concepts that should be considered when moving to a DevOps culture.