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Nicolás Erdödy

Director, Open Parallel Ltd & Multicore World

Nicolás Erdödy founded Open Parallel in 2010 as a strategic R&D firm, specialised in next-gen high-tech ecosystems. A globally distributed company, developed projects for clients like Intel, Arm and Oracle/Sun. Officially selected by NZ Government Open Parallel contributed for a decade to the computing platform (in Software Engineering, Operating Systems and CyberSecurity) of the Square Kilometre Array radio-telescope (SKA) - the largest scientific and engineering instrument in the world, to be built in the coming decade. Knowledge developed for the SKA is the basis of Open Parallel’s vision for the AgriTech sector.
Nicolás is also Conference Director of Multicore World, a boutique event specialised in High Performance, Edge, Parallel and Exascale Computing, held every year in New Zealand since 2012.
In 2021 Nicolás is PC Member of PAISE2021 (Parallel AI & Systems for the Edge) and SC21 (SuperComputing 2021, St Louis, USA)
His background is in strategic leadership, engineering, mathematics and venture capital and holds a Master of Entrepreneurship from the School of Business of the University of Otago, New Zealand. He learned FORTRAN at the School of Engineering of Universidad de la República in Montevideo, Uruguay.

How safe is your data?

Tuesday 1:10pm - 1:50pm, (Dunedin 1 Room)

Production chains, government agencies, farmers and researchers are experiencing a “Big Data Deluge” from sensors, space, legacy systems, etc.

But how safe and reliable is your Data coming from satellites or IoT devices?

Are you actually making good sense of it? And how secure are the devices that collect that data? Are they working accurately and transmitting with precision?

This talk will discuss these issues so users can more securely rely on data, take adequate decisions, and better understand the risks involved in every step of the decision-making process.

Supercomputing in Agritech

Thursday 1:15pm - 1:55pm, (Christchurch 1 Room)

Today data is gathered at different scales and at different frequencies by different organisations using different types of devices than any other time.

Most of it is gathered using already outdated technologies and systems. This creates an integration challenge: digesting data at the local scale, using it to update regional and nationwide scale models, and feeding thus learned models back to the local scale to inform local inference.

Real-time advanced modelling and simulation for quick decision-making requires significant computing power. In this talk, Open Parallel's Nicolás Erdödy outlines the powerful modern technology tools and models available, but not often used, in the agriculture sector.